Del Sur de Chile
Freire Camino Freire a Villarica KM 2.
Tel (56 - 45) 399 990

About Us

Patagonia Food is a company committed to the production and exportation of blueberries with almost 20 years experience, renowned for the quality of its produce, both nationally and internationally. In 1993, the company starts using its own farms located in the Araucania Region as part of a pioneering project spurred by Fundacion Chile for the production of berries. Four years later it adds a new site in the same zone and as of 2004 begins with an export program set on commercializing its products abroad. In 2005, Patagonia Food takes a new step forward by building its new packing facility with the highest quality infrastructure, along with two new sites, one in the IX Region and the other in the V Region, totalizing the 100 hectares of plantations that it processes today. Its goal: to constantly improve its produce and increase resources each season so as to satisfy the needs of the most demanding markets.